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CAVU is an aviation term that describes ideal flying conditions — Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted.
With its clear design and powerful, cutting-edge technology, our mobile banking application CAVU provides unrestricted customer access and control over their finances, giving them peace of mind in the turbulent times of financial uncertainty.



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CAVU is professionally designed, cost-effective mobile banking solution

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Quick and efficient account services are the most frequently used feature and this is the focal point our mobile application. CAVU incorporates the most used functionalities such as payment transactions and utility payments initiation, ATM and branch locations, goals for fast savings, and a mobile app biometric login which provides access to banking services with a simple finger touch.

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CAVU is professionally designed, cost-effective, easy to launch and integrate mobile banking solution. It covers the majority of end customers’ needs and will quickly enhance your Banks’ mobile banking capability.

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With our experienced team of software developers who specialize in the creation and implementation of software for the banking and FinTech sectors, Metryus helps financial services enterprises boost their competitive edge with the power of latest mobile technologies. Using our mobile app solution, you are able to provide a better customer banking experience through the flexible and convenient delivery of essential banking operations directly from a customer’s mobile device. We develop mobile banking apps.

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Main features

  • Check accounts & cards balances and recent transactions
  • Manage your accounts and cards
  • Transfer funds and pay bills
  • Control your loans and deposits
  • Create goals and save money
  • Find your nearest branch or ATM
  • Create payment templates
  • Create regular payments on schedule
  • Check currency rate
  • Communication and support via different channels
  • Device-based Biometrics
  • PSD2 pre-ready

CAVU covers all the major needs of bank customers. We can easily add new functionality or change the design according to your templates and integrate it with your Banks’ back-end solution. We will help you to develop the best mobile banking application.

Top reasons for offering mobile banking services

Mobile banking development
Customer retention
Improved efficiency
Reduced opertion costs
Increased transaction volume

Benefits of mobile banking services

Technical features

CAVU application is built on the principle of client-server architecture.

The client (iOS and Android) is built on the React Native Framework, which allows us to create high-performance, robust, fast time-to-market native applications. The main advantages of utilizing the React Native Framework are the strong performance for mobile environments, modular and intuitive architecture, maximum code reuse & cost saving.

The server component is built based on a Microservices Architecture. The main idea behind a microservices architecture is that some types of applications become easier to build and maintain when they are broken down into smaller, component pieces that work together.

It is an architectural style, an approach to software development in which a large application is built as a suite of modular services. These are small, independently versioned, and scalable customer-focused services with specific business goals. Our back-end architectural design allows us to utilize different types of web servers and databases, giving our customers flexibility in how they build out their corporate IT architecture.

We pay special attention security of our mobile banking application solutions. Our security solutions include a 2-factor identification process used for registration, authorization and confirmation of transactions. 2-factor identification can be used for any event in the application.