About Metryus

Our mission is to enhance the financial services experience by providing professional and modern FinTech products to the market. 

Mobile banking app

Our Product

  • Ready to go mobile banking app “CAVU”
Financial software development

Our Services

  • Custom front-end, back-end and mobile apps development
  • Consultation for FinTech and digital banking
  • UX/UI design
  • Rapid MVP prototyping
Fintech and bank software developer

Our Clients

  • Banks
  • Financial organisations
  • FinTech startups

Metryus unites professionals from multiple backgrounds with one common goal – to develop wonderfully made Banking and FinTech software solutions. For the past ten years, members of our team have been focusing on Banking IT industry and providing our services to banks, financial organisations and FinTech startups.

We have experience in projects of different scale, magnitude, speed, and technology: from large-scale Core Banking transformations to modern UI/UX design to business consulting on specific IT technologies for banks. We understand the diversity of financial landscape, with large banks and their legacy on one side and agile FinTech startups on the other. We have experience working across multiple countries, with different culture, language and time zones.

It is our focus and experience on financial services that separates us from the crowd and enables us to tailor our services to our client’s needs.

We provide consulting and development services for digital omnichannel banking and FinTech, as well as “ready-to-measure” products for mobile and web. We gladly offer bespoke digital banking development, where we will specifically design your applications to align with your unique business objectives and the on-demand services that your customers need.

If all you need is expert consultation on your current or intended UX/UI design of the financial app, our team of experienced developers is ready to assist you and will provide ongoing support as well as feature testing so you can reach the right customer at the right time.

We’ve also created a ready to go mobile banking app, CAVU, so you can achieve fast mobile app deployment with the most valuable features that customers demand in the digital banking era.

Our People

We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and designers passionate about building valuable and wonderfully made digital financial solutions.